ICEGAP is an innovative wireless network of smart thermometers, suitable to any kind of environment, from small refrigerators to controlled temperature rooms or cold stores. It is composed by a main unit and a customized number of sensors, which collect temperatures within the range – 30° C / + 60° C with a certified measurement accuracy of ± 0,05° C (ISOEN12830 certification).

ICEGAP wireless sensors communicate with the coordinator module via RF, so they don’t need to be connected to a WiFi network to work.
The coordinator module sends received data to the Datacenter to:

  • time-stamp them
  • store them and compile a daily Temperature Log, accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet and valid in case of sanitary control from the local authority
  • identify temperature detection failures and notify them via SMS or e-mail, suggesting corrective actions.

Temperature dataloggers are key tools for every business required to comply with HACCP regulations, because they automate the whole temperature record process and provide real-time data to monitor temperatures in all areas which need to be constantly kept under control to avoid safety risks.

Among the multitude of businesses which need to adopt a self-monitoring plan it is worth mentioning food/seafood/fruit and vegetables wholesalers, restaurants and bars, as well as pharmacies, hospitals and many others.
ICEGAP also represents the optimal solution to monitor microclimate in big work environments such as markets, offices and industrial spaces, in order to ensure product integrity and staff well-being by avoiding the worst effects and risks of working in excessively high or low temperatures.

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You can order ICEGAP by phone or filling in the contact form on our website. Your order will be shipped via express courier.

N.B. Before purchasing ICEGAP, please make sure that there is a wall power socket in the installation site to plug the main unit in and that the area is covered by mobile cellular / GSM network. Sensors must be stuck to the external surface of the refrigerator using the provided bi-adhesive tape, ensuring that their temperature probes reach the refrigerated area.

ICEGAP is a fully customizable solution and each main unit can be connected to several sensors, according to your needs.
Ordering more than one main unit may only be necessary in case of complex or multi-site installations.

The installation can be carried out by the end-user, who is provided a printed installation manual and can call our customer service to get technical support.
It is possible to require technical on-site intervention and support in case of complex or multi-site installations.

The price is based on the number of sensors connected to the main unit and is made up of:

  • Start-Up Price (main unit + sensors)
  • Annual Fee, which covers several services:
    • Unlimited access to ICEGAP online monitoring dashboard http://app.icegap.com
    • HACCP compliant Temperature Log certification and timestamping
    • SMS/MAIL/APP alert notifications
    • Android smartphone app
    • GPRS-traffic costs
    • Customer and technical support by phone and free hardware replacement in case of malfunction.

N.B. The annual fee does not include technical on-site interventions.

Real-time temperature data can be checked on ICEGAP mobile app or online dashboard: http://app.icegap.com. They are stored on a certified and HACCP compliant Temperature Log, which can be downloaded as .pdf or .xml.

Users receive alert notifications via SMS or e-Mail anytime one or more sensors detect a temperature below or above the pre-set range over a period of time exceeding the pre-set trigger delay. This allows for early intervention in case of failures, in order to ensure stored products integrity.

In case of malfunctions or problems concerning the system please contact ICEGAP customer support .

HACCP is an internationally recognized system (ISO 22000 standard) developed to certify hygienic self-control methods, in order to eliminate food safety hazards and protect final customers’ health.
Monitoring and recording each potential hazard, above all possible cold chain failures and incorrect storage temperature of sensitive products, is a key point to establish best practices and ensure efficient prevention.
Mandatory HACCP monitoring procedures include daily Temperature Log compilation and the establishment of a series of corrective actions in case of cold-chain failures.

The term “cold chain” refers to the process used to maintain optimal conditions during transport, storage and handling of sensitive products, from producer to consumer. Optimal temperature conditions during the manufacturing, transportation, distribution and storage phases of these products ensure best quality and hygiene standards.