Icegap Standard

Datalogger temperatura wireless

Icegap standard is a smart, wireless temperature datalogger which automatically sends alert notifications and stores data in a certified Temperature Log.

Icegap standard is the ideal solution to monitor temperatures inside refrigeration units, cold stores and refrigerated environments.

Icegap standard can be connected to up to 10 sensor units and is a EN 12830 certified, HACCP compliant datalogger.

  • Sensors detect temperatures and send them to the main unit/-s via RF.
  • The main unit collects received data and sends them to the Datacenter via GPRS.
  • Then, the Datacenter automatically generates a Temperature Log, which is daily updated and timestamped.
  • Abnormal temperature detections are notified with SMS and e-mail alerts.
  • Icegap monitoring dashboard is accessible using our cloud-based web application.

System configuration

Icegap standard is composed by a customized number of sensors, which transmit collected data to a main unit via RF (433Mhz). The main unit sends received data to the Datacenter using a proprietary GPRS connection.

Data storage and timestamp operations are performed by our Cloud Computing platform. Data recorded on the Temperature Log can be easily checked and downloaded thanks to ICEGAP web and mobile application.

Icegap standard doesn’t require any additional software or hardware to operate.

Icegap standard uses a proprietary communication protocol and has an integrated GPRS module.

Software compatibility

Icegap stores collected data on a software platform, compatible with all devices supporting latest generation browsers.

It is possible to download Icegap Android application from Google Play Store to access the online monitoring dashboard via smartphone .

Icegap datalogger app per Android

Suggested applications

Temperature monitoring in pharmacies, medical and chemical labs, retail and distribution activities.

Installation, post-sales assistance and warranty

Icegap is an easy to install plug&play device.

If you need technical support during the installation and configuration phase, you can contact our customer service by phone or e-mail.

The product is covered by a 5-year warranty.

Icegap Standard, il datalogger temperatura wireless composto da unità centrale e sensori


Main Unit Sensor
Dimensions 105x105x55 mm 70x25x25 mm
Temperature measuring range -30 C° to 60 C°
Certification Cl.1 ISO EN 12830 Class 1 ISO EN 12830
RF connection RF 433Mhz RF 433Mhz
RF range 400m. indoor 400m. indoor
Data connection GPRS
Power supply 12V external power supply 2 AAA batteries (to give 1 year operation)
Max. power 4W
Operating environment 0 < C° < 60 0 < C° < 60