How it works

Icegap is an innovative datalogger, made up of several units working together to provide real-time temperature monitoring and ensure a proper recording and storage of collected data.

Icegap is composed by a customized number of sensors, which collect data thanks to their temperature probes and transmit them via RF to a main unit (coordinator module). The main unit sends collected data to the Datacenter via an integrated GPRS connection.

Collected data are then stored, standardized and made available on a cloud-based online dashboard.

Icegap daily compiles a Temperature Log and certifies it with a time stamp.

Icegap doesn’t require any additional software or hardware to operate.

Schema di funzionamento Icegap

Main unit (Coordinator module)

Come funziona l'unità centrale di Icegap

It collects data detected by each sensor every 5 minutes and sends them to the remote Datacenter via GPRS.

In case of connection failure, the coordinator module is able to temporary store collected data before sending them to the Datacenter once a stable connection is established again.

The device communicates with each sensor via UHF Radio Frequency. For this reason, connection doesn’t suffer interferences and can reach up to 1200 m. in clear line of sight and 400 m. indoor.

The main unit requires an external 12 V power supply and doesn’t need to be connected to a wired or wireless LAN network in order to operate.

Sensors and temperature probes

Sensors (which include a temperature probe) must be placed next to the area you wish to monitor and transmits detected temperatures to the main unit via RF.

Sensors are battery-operated. Two AAA batteries ensure a proper functioning for at least one year and can be easily replaced by the user.

Sensors are interchangeable within the network without re-designing it. Our standard temperature probes are 60 cm or 150 cm long, but it is possible to order longer probes for particular installations.

Schema di funzionamento Icegap

Temperature Log and certifications

Come funziona l'unità centrale di Icegap

All data detected by the coordinator module are sent to the remote Datacenter.

The Temperature Log is daily and automatically updated and certified with time-stamp by an independent TSA (Time Stamp Authority), thus obtaining international legal validity.

The Temperature Log is safely stored in our cloud and made available to the user thanks to an online application.

Data authenticity and integrity are guaranteed by Icegap’s UNI EN 12830 certification and its time-stamping system. The Temperature Log is thus accurate and valid in case of sanitary control from the local authority.

Web and mobile application

Icegap doesn’t require manual intervention to download collected data. Temperatures are available on the Web application, accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet.

Thanks to this application it is possible to:

  • give each sensor a name and set their optimal temperature range (max. and min. temperature);
  • set the trigger time delay to send an alert notification via e-mail and SMS;
  • edit personal contact data.

If sensors detect a temperature outside the pre-set range, Icegap sends an e-mail and an SMS notification to the contacts indicated during the configuration phase.

Icegap mobile application for Android devices is available on Google Play.

Schema di funzionamento Icegap