Centralized temperature monitoring solution for Sanremo Flower Market

Flower market and trade center

Sanremo Flower Market represents the most important trade center of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Area, to such a point that the city is worldwide known as European flower capital.

  • Quality products for wholesalers and exporters
  • Valorization of local economic opportunities
  • Real-time cold storage and cold chain monitoring

The company

When tradition meets technology

Sanremo is a city between see and mountains, with an extremely temperate microclimate that allowed it to become one of the most important floricultural districts of the Mediterranean.

The Flower Market was established more than 100 years ago and still represent the main flower trade center in Southern Europe.

The secret of this success lies not only in the ability to exploit this fertile land and its favorable climatic conditions, but also in following marketing opportunities and implement innovative technologies into the structure.

The issue

Different flowers, different temperatures

Sanremo Flower Market offers a complete range of cut flowers, foliage and leaves, with particular reference to those typical of the Mediterranean area. It covers a very large area (120.000 m2, 72 commercial warehouses) and offers a wide range of services, including flower deposit in refrigerated areas, flower quality control and phytosanitary certification service for flower import/export.

This caused some problems in monitoring if so many different kind of flowers were kept at the right temperature and in the right place.

The solution

A customized, real-time monitoring system

ICEGAP proved to be the best solution to collect data from every refrigerated area of the whole market, thus allowing a real-time temperature monitoring according to the different kind of flowers stored inside refrigerators and cold stores.

Each area is monitored by a dedicated sensor, which transmits detected temperatures to the main station and makes them available on the customized web application, provided both to the technical staff and to the company manager.


  • ICEGAP sensors were installed in order to cover any refrigerated area inside the Flower Market
  • Constant temperature record, available on ICEGAP web application
  • Daily Temperature Log certification (timestamped and HACCP compliant).


  • Compliance with current regulations
  • Failure prediction and temperature overview for every monitored point and for any kind of stored flower/plant
  • Speed-up in market’s operations, activities and management.


Towards a smart future

By installing ICEGAP, Sanremo Market Flower has taken a further step towards innovation and smart technologies and is constantly developing new solutions and features in strong collaboration with our technical staff.