Centralized temperature monitoring solution for Eataly’s refrigerators

Food retailer and restaurant

Eataly is the largest artisanal Italian food and wine retailer in the world, with several brand stores in Italy, USA, Japan, United Arab Emirates and other countries.

  • Promotion of high-quality Italian food at affordable prices
  • Attention towards customer in-store experience and satisfaction
  • Real time cold storage monitoring

The company

A constantly expanding company

Eataly results from the combination of two English words: EAT and ITALY. This brand name immediately suggests what the company cares about: Italian quality products and Italian food and wine culture.

Eataly’s first store was opened in Turin in 2007 and was rapidly followed by a series of openings across Italy and around the world, aimed at celebrating Italian artisanal products and at educating customers by giving them deep insights into what they choose to eat.

Eataly follows the principles of Slow Food, a movement founded in Italy in 1989 to promote sustainable production and consumer education, in contrast with the rapid increase of fast food chains.

The issue

Preserving food quality at the right temperature

Eataly’s main goal is to offer the best Italian products and ensure their quality to its customers, focusing on important values such as sustainability, responsibility and direct relation between producers and distributors.

Temperature monitoring is one of the key factors in food quality, as well as in preventing refrigerators failures to avoid food losses or unreasonably high energy consumption.

The solution

ICEGAP: the best solution for refrigerators, freezers and cold showcases

ICEGAP proved to be the best solution to collect data from every refrigerated area (refrigerators, freezers, cold stores and cold showcases) in Eataly’s stores.

Each area is monitored by a dedicated sensor, which transmits detected temperatures to the main station via RF and makes them available on the customized web application, provided both to the technical staff and to the company manager.

Any temperature below or above the pre-set range and detected over a period of time exceeding the pre-set delay is regarded as an anomaly and is notified by e-mail or SMS to the customer, in order to promptly identify any issue and prevent food adulteration.


  • ICEGAP sensors cover any refrigerated area inside Eataly’s stores
  • Constant temperature record, available on ICEGAP web application
  • Daily Temperature Log certification (timestamped and HACCP compliant).


  • Compliance with current food safety regulations
  • Failure prediction and temperature overview for every monitored store, from a single web application
  • Increasing customer trust and loyalty rate.


A long term collaboration

By installing ICEGAP, Eataly has added an additional feature to guarantee high quality standards inside its stores and reduce food adulteration and losses, thus gaining an increasing customer satisfaction and trust.